Feb 16 Song of the Day

Well, I’m trying blogging again. I always start blogging and it lasts for a couple blog posts and then it dies. But this time I’m gonna try to blog about something awesome that will always be new and awesome, and will hopefully be posted everyday. Maybe. I might change it to song of the week later and just post on like Fridays. We shall see. But I feel like I write passably, and I enjoy it. I also very much enjoy music, so writing about it shouldn’t be too hard. Anyway, enough intro; onto the music! Today is a tune by a younger and newer artist named Julien Baker. The track is called Rejoice. It’s too short. I’ve probably listened to it like 5 or more times today and I’m still not tired of it. I’d be really interested¬†hear more about her opinions on God and which god she is referring to. She plays a telecaster for this track and most others, heavily sedated (with thick effects is what I mean by that. Not that she is heavily sedated). I’d also like to hear more about her reverb pedal because its dreamy and super thick. I really dig her tone and pretty much every tune she’s put out so far, so I highly recommend that you give her more than just a cursory glance. For just a girl and her guitar she puts out a sound that is remarkably fulfilling, yet leaves me wanting more. I’ve had her whole artist section on Spotify playing for like 3 hours now.¬†2_16

Link to the lyrics:


PS. None of these people pay me to use their sites or review their tunes, yet.