So here is my third attempt at blogging. Third time is the charm right? I’ve tried before, and it always goes for a few weeks and then dies. Unfortunately I started this off with a commitment to blog everyday, which was a mistake. But I shall try. And if/when I fail I will probably change it to the song of the week. I try to be honest with myself. If I’m honest with myself I’ll probably be honest with other people. I saw a quote somewhere and while it isn’t true, I added to my list of rules because it’s important to think about. “The truth us what you make it.” I think it’s rule 20 or 22. However, truth is absolute, whether you make it or not. But belief is indeed what you make it. I was knew this girl with some issues once. I might have caused some of the issues. Some of them weren’t my fault. Anyway, I used to tell her (I’ve told other people this, so please don’t think I’m talking about you if you’re a female and I know you) “If you tell yourself a lie long enough it’ll become the truth.” If I tell myself enough times that I suck at life and that I’m going to die alone and useless then there is a good chance that’ll be exactly what happens. Not to say that what we say becomes truth, but that the tongue has more power than we give it credit for. Anyway, that’s a long and deep rabbit trail that I didn’t start down and I shall stop while I’m behind.

The answer to the question at the top of this page is no. I’ve been meaning to blog for a while, and I decided to try again. Remember, try try and try again and if you still fail after you’ve tried a couple dozen times you should probably give up and go home. So here is try number three.