A day late and a dollar short keeps the doctor away, right? Or at least it keeps the women away…

Anyway, today’s day late song recommendation comes from Spotify spying on me, collecting my musical tastes, and presenting me with playists of things I’ll like. Sometimes. Other times they just copy playlists I already made. Like last night I was listening to a ‘Daily Mix’ they made me, but it was exactly my country playlist with like a handful of extra songs that I didn’t even like. It was rough. But today they did better. A song on one of these playlists is Captured by a group called Gov’t Mule.

Gov’t Mule started as a side project for some of the guys from the Allman Brothers (according to Spotify, I don’t fact check. Ain’t nobody got time for dat). It’s evolved some since, partially due to the unfortunate death of one of the founders. They kinda just pick up people and make music happen as far as I can tell (which isn’t very far)

This track features a few of my favorite things. Raindrops on kittens and warm something mittens. Dog bites and bee stings and something like that. Just kidding. It features a long and super solid guitar solo over top of super great rhythm. Maybe switch the adjectives. As a drummer this is honestly one of my favorite styles to play. Just sitting in the pocket and grooving along while people go nuts with solos. I love it. It’s not flashy, it’s not hard (from the drummers perspective), it’s just groovy. Anyway rant over. Check out this tune. It’s mint.

Feel the groove. Internalize the groove. Be the groove.



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