The Wild Reeds released a new song today!
It’s called Capable, go listen to it while you read this. Or maybe before. At least start listening to the song before you continue reading. Please.

——————I pause so you can listen————————————
At first I thought, “Who are these people and what did they do with my Wild Reeds?” Yes, my Wild Reeds. The Wild Reeds hit a sweet spot in the music I’ve been leaning toward of late. Great harmony, folk-y feeling, hard-hitting when the occasion calls for it, super-duper tight, and solid songwriting. I really love their acoustic only stuff and the simplicity of it. Even on the first two albums that are like fully instrumented and stuff their simplicity is brilliantly full. This song doesn’t have that. It has thick tones, it’s kinda busy (especially in the beginning), and is really present. While this song is excellent, I hope it isn’t indicative of where the Wild Reeds are going as a band. I’ll miss the beautiful simplicity of their early stuff.
But as you get into the song you hear the Wild Reeds we all know and love come out in the great harmonies and a feeling of unity in the band that I think sets them apart. Even live they are tight. I love it, and it lends a fluidity to their tunes that is great. I’m using a lot of vague quantifiers and I’m sorry about that, but I have trouble using better words.

Also, blog structure announcement: Everyday isn’t flying. I know what you’re saying, “But this blog is the only reason I make it through every day” and I’m sorry. Now you will have to look for the blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I think having more time to think, and maybe write, will bring out higher quality writing. Or it wont, either way it’s less work for me. See you suckers next week.


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