So, I slipped up and didn’t post a song of the day yesterday. No one missed it because no one follows the blog yet. It’s great to have that lack of accountability if you get busy. Anyway, this is post is from the future. February 27th’s song of the day is a tune by Jadon Lavik. Jadon Lavik is a Christian artist, but like actually an artist not CCM garbage. No offense Chris Tomlin fans.

I feel like it’s probably a rule somewhere that all Christian artists need to do a recording of Amazing Grace. If you know me, you probably know that I’m a bit of a purist. I like things the way they were meant to be. Especially with songs. Most of the time. You all experienced a bit of this a few days ago when I talked about the Sound of Silence. It’s best the way it was originally done. Most reworkings and new arrangements of Amazing Grace don’t work. I don’t care how much I love the artist or how amazingly talented the arranger is you don’t mess with something like Amazing Grace.

Unless your Jadon Lavik apparently. You may disagree, but in my humble opinion his is the best reworking of Amazing Grace. Not the best recording of it ever, but the best non-traditional version. It’s great. I highly recommend it, which is why I’m typing this. It’s jazzy, but not too forward and has a great, groovy feel. I’m all about groove, and this song has it.

It’s off his album Roots Run Deep which is all covers of older tunes and hymns. He has another like it called Roots Run Deeper. I highly recommend them both. Music to my ear-holes.

Look it up. Listen. Enjoy. You’re Welcome.



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