Hello, welcome, Ahlan-biek, wilkommen, and hola. Today is throw-back-Thursday, and I’m not going to throw very far. I’m trying to be realistic in my actual throwing abilities IRL. So we are gonna go back to high-school for me. Earlier for everyone else simply because I was late to the punch with this band. Five Iron Frenzy. One of the best parts of the 90 Christian Ska-Punk movement. I was introduced to them by my youth pastor, and I’m glad he brought Ska into my life. Ska is just super-fun. If you like Ska, most people will think you are weird. Have no fear, you’ll be having fun and they won’t.

The song is Pre-Ex Girlfriend. It’s pretty straightforward in meaning, that this girl is awesome and he isn’t and they probably won’t date.

“She said she hated Kenny G
That girl is way too good for me
We’ll break up before it starts
She’ll only tear my world apart
Da na na na na na na na na”



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