The real reason I started this blog was simply to recommend songs and artists to my friends in a less obtrusive way, but slightly more accessible way then simply saying, “Hey, you! Listen to Bill Kirchen!!”Then I started typing blogs and started trying to like review the songs and that sort of thing and I’m not feeling it as much. I’m still going to give my opinions, but talking about the deeper meaning for songs isn’t my forte. I will happily talk about the artist, do some artist stalking and hear their story, or tell you about the album, or how great the song is, but I am by no means qualified to tell you what it means.

Today’s song comes from a group called the Fratellis. I know nothing about them as a group, except that their music is enjoyable. The song is a love song because even communists like love songs. Actually they don’t. Only communists don’t like love songs. The song happens to be Whistle for the Choir off the album Costello Music. Check that son of a gun out. It’s high quality.



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