It’s taco Tuesday. A hallowed and ancient tradition, a venerated day that gives us courage, fortitude, and frankly a reason to survive another week. On the topic of tacos, check out the Naked Chicken Chalupa at TacoBell. 9/10, would recommend.

Anywho, music. Because it’s TacoTuesday I’m planning to feature an exciting hunk of Tex-Mex by the name of Shakey Graves. His real name is Alejandro Rose-Garcia and he hails from Austin in the great republic of Tejas. The song I chose sticks out because it is in an exciting time signature. If you don’t know what a time signature is I recommend the highly educational video here. Depending on how fast you count its in 5/4 or 5/8 most of the time. There are some other times thrown in there and that’s exciting! And it takes some skill to do, which indicates that Shakey Graves is either an excellent songwriter with talent, or that he is really bad at counting. According to an interview I saw once maybe (they may or may not have been referring to this song, we’ve talked about my memory before: it’s bad)  the song Only Son (which I just realized I haven’t named yet. The song is called Only Son) is about a coming of age and starting to care about others, which is a sure sign of maturity.

I’m sorry for all my parenthetical side tracks and comments. It’s kind of how my mind works, and I apologize for subjecting you, hypothetical reader, to that. I shall work to improve the linear-ness of my writing. For now I’m going to italicize the side thoughts to help myself keep track of them and to let you know that they are of lesser importance. Slightly lesser. I’m not going to edit things down and make it nice and neat because I like my writing a little more like raw thought. Thanks friend. 2-21

Once again, neither Shakey Graves, Spotify, TacoBell, or the make of that delicious YouTube video payed me for any of this. If you represent any of them and want to pay me feel free to contact me.


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