Without further ado, today we will be talking about a man whom I enjoy greatly. Frank Turner. If you’re a friend of mine, you’ve probably heard of him. According to legend he got his start in a metal band I think. And that fizzled out as metal bands often do, then he did something that makes my day. He started playing folk/acoustic/punk type stuff. That’s a decent way to explain it. You really do need experience it. I highly recommend the albums Last Minutes & Lost Evenings and Tape Deck Heart as great places to start. Today’s song comes from Tape Deck Heart (my favorite of his) and the track is The Fisher King Blues. I don’t pretend to know exactly what he means at any point in tome, but I enjoy this song because it speaks (in my little old mind) to songwriting, real life, and differentiating good music from crap. Not necessarily in that order. Life, without something to live for is pretty pointless, and he hits on that. He also hits on the fact that songs by perfect people about perfect things are kinda boring. They can be fun to listen to sometimes, or fun to dance to, but if a song (or any art really) doesn’t speak to reality it’s no good. It’s funny (or not really funny, I’m not sure) the next tune on the album is Anymore. Anymore is a song that resonates super deep in me because I experienced a similar breakup, not exactly the same, but the line “Not with a bang, but with a whimper/ it wasn’t hard, it was kinda simple” hits hard. He writes from the heart and with a simple straightforward honesty that I really enjoy. Metaphors are great and artistic and stuff, but sometimes its great to just hear someone sing plain English. I started off wanting to feature one song, but honestly hit up pretty much anything from Frank Turner. It’s all pretty good. Forewarning if you are faint of heart he swears a good bit and is pretty atheistic sometimes.  Following are some words from Time Machine.

“In truth the real reason that I built this here machine
Was just to travel back a couple of years
To when we first met before the fights and the tears
To the time when you and I first got together
Simple days and simple words like “forever”
Tripped off our tongues, come on you must remember

Let’s go back and let’s see the way things really used to be
Before life quietly dismembered
All the best things about you and I before the doubts
Drowned out all of the mirth and mercy
Come on baby please you must remember”



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